A Campaign for Equality in Public Education

Join the Committee for Social Justice to support equitable public-school education for all North Carolina students

Here are the facts:

Education inequities have existed in North Carolina for centuries. Current efforts to address these injustices began in 1994 with a case brought by 5 counties’ school systems claiming the state had failed to meet its constitutional duties to provide equal educational opportunities for all its students. Commonly known as Leandro, the case also sought a court-imposed remedy to correct the violation. The North Carolina Supreme Court, in 1997, unanimously agreed that the constitution requires every child be provided ‘an opportunity to receive a sound basic education in our public schools.’

The last two decades of efforts by courts and the state to achieve that equitable sound basic education have fallen short. The recession that started in 2008 reversed years of improved education funding. According to the NC Justice Center, between 2009 and 2019, the following changes have taken place in public schools and their funding:

  • 35% fewer teacher assistants
  • 56% fewer textbooks
  • 56% reduction in monies for supplies and materials
  • Elimination of funding for professional development and mentors
  • Teacher compensation is 27% lower than comparable professions in NC

Here is what you can do:

Option 1:

We encourage legislators to oppose HB32, a bill to expand the school voucher program in NC. This bill would weaken and erode our public education system in NC. State lawmakers need to fully fund our public schools and stop diverting needed funding to unaccountable, private and religious schools. 

Rather than prioritizing the funding of Leandro V. State of NC, the North Carolina General Assembly continues massive expansion of private school vouchers. Vouchers drain much needed resources by diverting funds from our public schools. 

Easy step 1: Click below to easily sign the petition to all NC Assembly to oppose Bill32..

Option 2:

The Leandro Decision is a North Carolina case going on for 20 years which states a Constitutional mandate to provide every child with a sound, basic and equitable education in North Carolina. The West End report includes steps to take to make that happen. 

Easy step 2:  Click below to use the link from EveryChild NC to sign a pledge to advocate for every child’s constitutional right to a sound basic education.

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